Heavy Duty Storage Boxes 650 x 350 x 370mm SAVE Buy 30 Boxes


650 x 350 x 370mm SAVE 15% Buy 30 Boxes


Our Storage and Removals Boxes are top quality corrugated Double Wall Cartons (double thickness corrugate), offered in two popular sizes, in a brown kraft finish.

The Storage and Removals Boxes have a unique multi-folding design that easily allows you to assemble them without the need for adhesive tape. This design ensures the cartons remain strong and secure. The design of the top flaps also enables you to open and close the carton for easier, regular access to stored items.

The unique design of our Storage & Removals Boxes also enables you to return the carton to its flat-packed state once finished with, so that it can be stored away for future use.

Storage and Removals Boxes are perfect for safe, secure despatch or storage of heavy goods or fragile items.