Converted Bubble Film and Foam

Kendon Flexocare Ltd are one of the most efficient bubble film and foam converters in the UK. 

We are able to manufacture a wide range of sizes and styles of converted bubble or converted foam product with a huge variety of potential uses.

Bubble Film and Foam Bags

Bubble film and foam bags are a very inexpensive method of protecting fragile products during transit. These pouches offer a very quick and simple alternative to wrapping or void-filling and are available in an extensive range of grades, sizes and strengths.

Self Seal Bubble Film Bags

We offer a wide range of sizes of self-seal bubble film bags, which are manufactured with a fold-over flap and a self-adhesive tear-off strip closure offering greater protection and security.


We offer a first-class service on sheeted products. Sheets of bubble film and foam are perfect for interleaving products and have been used across the fruit produce industry for many years.

Protective Covers

In our bubble fabrication area we make our furniture and appliance protective covers. Five sided converted bubble film covers offer excellent protection for square or rectangular shaped products. These converted bubble protective covers can offer even greater protection when manufactured from laminate grades of material, such as our Bubble Blanket Protective Covers. 

Shaped protective covers can also be manufactured to a customer’s specific requirements. These solutions have been used to cover products such as furniture, machinery, shop display stands and mannequins in storage, etc. and offer maximum protection and security, whilst being extremely durable and easy to use.

Continuous Tubing and Sleeves

We can produce a continuous tube of bubble film for when different lengths of protective material is required. This is another simple and versatile method of packaging awkward items. Bubble sleeves are a similar product, but with openings at both ends, which is ideal for cylindrical products.

Compartment Bags

Compartment bags are produced by welding pouches together in a continuous line. This allows multiple components requiring individual packaging to be kept together and is perfect for spare parts or large production runs of a certain item.

Full list of products and solutions available from Kendon Flexocare

Anti-Static Bubble Bags

Anti-Static Bubble Sheets

Anti-Static Foam Bags and Sheets

‘Bubble Blanket’ Bags

Bubble Film Sheeting

Bubble/Foam Laminate Bags

Coloured Bubble Film Pouches

Continuous Bubble Film Bags (Compartment bags) 

Continuous Bubble Tubing

Flame-Retardant Bubble Bags

Foam Pouches (up to 1.5mm thickness) 

Foam Sheeting

Furniture and Appliance Protection Covers

Heavy Duty Bubble Film Pouches

Laminate Bubble Bags

Metallic Bubble Bags

Metallic Bubble Sheets

Printed Bubble Film Pouches

Protective Covers

Self-seal Bubble Bags

Shaped Covers

Small Cell Bubble Bags

‘Softline’ Bags

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