Customised Solutions

Kendon Flexocare prides itself on its excellent customer service, and to this end has been able to satisfy our customers' needs by developing the perfect solution for their packaging requirements. 

Bespoke Converted Bubble and Foam

Kendon Flexocare have the ability to produce special sizes and designs of bubble film and foam bags, pouches and covers specifically designed for a customer's needs.

Furniture Covers

An excellent example of this ability are the stitched covers made from 'Softline' Bubble film for the furniture industry: 

These covers are manufactured in Kendon Flexocare's fabrication facility, giving the company the ability to stitch bubble film together to make an over-sized bag with gusseted side panels, specifically designed to fit armchairs, sofas and other large domestic appliances. 

'Softline' Bubble film is used for this solution as it has an inner laminated lining made from tissue paper that is designed not to scratch or mark delicate surfaces (such as the wood on furniture). 

The cover that has been produced is also made from an extra-heavy grade of bubble wrap film to allow it to be re-used on multiple occasions, helping reduce the amount of packaging waste in the furniture industry. When the furniture arrives with the customer, the delivery driver unpacks the furniture himself and takes the covers back to the warehouse for re-use.

Contact us for a quote

If you have any special packaging solution requirements then please Email us or call +44(0)1529 240637 for a quote.